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Browning Pro Series Home Deluxe Safes

More about Browning Deluxe Pro-Series Home Safes

Available in various colors and sizes Browning Home Deluxe Pro-Series Safes will blend and fit into any room interior. 3/16" Steel body thickness and force deflector locking system make the safes robust to pry-in attempts. Pouches and hooks transform Deluxe Pro-Series Safes into a convenient storage for precious belongings keept at home. Browning Deluxe Pro-Series home safes prices range from $4,125 to $5,275 for the base configuration.

  • Fire Protection:1680°F/90 minutes
  • Fire Seal:Triple Fin Palusol®
  • Insulation Thickness - Door:1-3/4"
  • Body Thickness:3/16" Steel
  • Door Thickness/Type:1-11/16" Duo-Formed
  • Locking System:Force Deflector
  • Locking Bolt Size:4" x 1" MAX
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:4-10 MAX
  • Lock:UL® Listed Mechanical or Top Lit Electronic or Biometric
  • Lock Protection Features:Hardened Pins, Relocker
  • Reinforced Door Frame:4-Sided, Full Reinforcement
  • Hinge Caps:Decorative Black Chrome
  • Interior:Simulated Leather
  • Handle:5-Spoke Black Chrome
  • 180° Hinges:Yes
  • Electrical Outlet:Yes

Deluxe Pro-Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Whether you are an owner of a rich collection of jewelry or a parent, the chances are you need some secure storage like Browning Home Deluxe Pro-Series Safe to protect your valuables against both your home inhabitants and unwanted visitors. We ensure you that Browning Home Deluxe Pro-Series Safe is a trusted vault at the best price. It has high endurance and level of protection not only from pry damage but also from fire and water ones. In addition, all Browning Home Deluxe Safes for sale have a simple hence convenient design.

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Locking Bolts
HSD 10 30" x 26" x 21" 10 CF 425 6 MAX 4
HSD 13 42" x 26" x 21" 13 CF 560 8 MAX 4
HSD 19 60" x 26" x 21" 19 CF 740 10 MAX 4