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More about Browning Mark V Series Gun Safes

Browning Mark V gun safe provides impeccable protection from fire and burglars due to extra security features. The exterior looks amazing in gloss black color decorated with patriotic graphics. The storage comes for sale trimmed in beige fabric inside. Browning Mark V Series Gun Safes are known for their adjustable interior and affordable price.

  • Fire Protection:60 Minute / 1400°
  • Body Steel Thickness:12-Gauge
  • Door Type:1" Formed Door With Partial Inner Plate
  • Locking System:Force Deflector™
  • Lock Protection:UL Rated Electronic Lock
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:3 Sides (Top, Sides)
  • Pry-Stop End Bolts:Yes
  • Hardware Options:Single Handle
  • Interior:Beige Fabric
  • Two Carbine Barrel Loops:Included
  • Elevated Floor Protects Gun Stocks:Yes
  • Gun Count:Up to 49

Mark V Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

The owners can rely on Browning Mark V gun safe even the most precious belongings. The storage offers unmatched protection against thieves, being built from sturdy 12 gauge steel. The feature is proven by UL® RSC Tool Attack security rating. Moreover, Browning Mark V Series Gun Safes come for sale with more characteristics that even reinforce their level of security, such as force deflector, 3 sides locking bolts,1" formed door type. The series has 60 minute at 1400° fire rating which suggests a significant protection against fire. Some of the best benefits of Browning Mark V is its modular design, which makes the vault customizable for guns of all lengths, and a good price. The price of a new Browning Mark V gun safe is $3,575.

Exterior Dimensions HxWxD 58" x 29" x 24" 58" x 41" x 24"
Interior Dimensions HxWxD 53" x 26" x 17" 53" x 38-1/2" x 17"
Volume (Cubic Feet) 23 33
Approx. Weight (lbs) 520 630
Body Steel Thickness 12ga 12ga
Door Thickness 1" 1"
Inner Plate Thickness Partial Partial
Body Insulation 1" 1"
Door Insulation 1" 1"
Ceiling Insulation 1-1/2" 1-1/2"
AXIS/CMS Shelves 4 5
High Capacity Barrel Racks 2 3
Pistol Racks 1 1
Locking Bolts 8 - 1" (5 Active) 8 - 1" (5 Active)
Long Gun Capacity 33 (13/26+7) 49 (26/39+10)