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More About 2 Hour Fireproof Gun Safes

2 hour fire rated gun safes offer unprecedented protection for precious papers, jewelry, cash and guns against fire and smoke damage. The vaults also feature a remarkable security level and a user-friendly interior design. The safes are available in various colors, finishes, configurations and models to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. On this page, you can choose gun safes with 2 and up hour of fireproof.

Questions & Answers

Is 2 hour fireproof gun safe the best for home use?
2 hour fireproof gun safes are definitely the best in terms of protection against fire and water damages. They are built from top-quality steel which also provides unprecedented security for your precious belongings.

What does 2 hour fire rating mean?
2 hour fire rating means that the safe is able to withstand and protect its content being exposed to fire for 2 hours. As a rule, such safes have satisfied the requirements of a relevant standard test.

Will a 2 hour gun safe survive a house fire?
Safes that offer more than 1 hour fire rating will survive a typical home fire. 2 hour gun safes have significant protection from fire.

How much does 2 hour fireproof gun safe cost?
The prices for 2 hour fireproof gun safe vary depending on its quality, size, characteristics. The safes offered at our store cost between $999 and $7,795.

2 hour fireproof gun safes of what brands do you offer?
We have a wide choice of top notch 2 hour fireproof gun safes. We recommend buying storages made by such manufacturers as Hollon, Browning and Champion.