Drop Safes

Minimal Price: $192.00 Maximum Price: $1,286.00

More About Drop Safes

Drop safe is a good invention for businesses, such as cafes, shops, petrol stations, etc., with constant flow of cash. It is very convenient to drop money into the box avoiding hassles with keeping it safe, and then take it out at the end of a working day. Commercial drop safes are required in the offices to protect documents, receipts, bills and other papers for a short period of time.

The Safe Keeper has a wide assortment of depository drop safes of different sizes, shapes and locking systems for sale! Cash drop safes have fire, water and pry protection of the highest level. The product range includes commercial cash drop safe boxes, large and small drop safes for business. Buy safe with drop slot at our store for a very reasonable price and we ensure fast delivery and our help with its moving and installation.