What size of gun safe should YOU get?

One of the most common questions we get at The Safe Keeper is: what size of gun safe should I get. Now there are many different sizes out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one will suit you. Especially since gun safe is considered to be a long-term purchase. So we made 3 simple points to consider before purchasing your gun safe.

Gun safes with various sizes

1. What are you putting in the safe? Yes you came in to buy a GUN safe so you are probably thinking of protecting your firearms. But since the safe is Fire Rated, you will realize that it is a good idea to protect your ammunition too. And ammo takes up a lot of room in the safe. Another thing to think about is; if it says the safe holds up to 24 long guns, that means 24 guns with no scopes and with all the side storage shelves removed. In other words, if you have 20 long guns and you are purchasing a gun safe with 24 gun capacity, it is most probably not big enough. Always consider your gun collection expanding in the future.

2. Think outside the box. A lot of people come in looking for a safe for a specific number of guns they own and some paperwork they want to protect. Once the safe is purchased, delivered and installed, you start realizing that you have other very important valuables that cannot be replaced if stolen or destroyed by fire. For example photo albums, art work, antiques, valuable music equipment, grandmas jewelry, grandpas watch, memory or flesh cards with important data, expensive electronics etc. Always try to think of other things you might want to protect now or in the future.

3. Will it fit? So you have this perfect spot that you want to put the safe in, and it will only fit a safe that is 28” wide, even though you would like a bigger safe. A rule of thumb is, if you think you might need a bigger safe, you most probably will. Try to have few placement options for your new safe. And to eliminate future frustration, go by what size of safe you would like, and not by where you would like to place it.

It probably sounds like this is a sales pitch where we are trying to talk you into buying a bigger safe, but the truth is, we only want to help you pick a perfect safe that will fit your needs. Approximately 50% of our customers come back after a couple of years to try to trade in their safe and get a bigger size. And the bad news that we always have to break to them is that we can’t give much for their old safe because it is now a used safe with wear and tear and an outdated model. And every time our customers say the same thing: “You did tell me to buy a bigger safe. Wish I would have listened”.

Written by

Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
Security Safe Expert
Kirillo Byelin