Safe box for money: Is it worth having a cash safe box at home?

It appears that physical currency is no longer in vogue, with bank cards and electronic payments taking its place indefinitely. So, one might question the need to invest in a money safe box for home. However, it is worth acknowledging that we still possess significant documents, valuable items, and even a modest amount of cash within our homes. In all honesty, acquiring a small safe box for money can prove highly advantageous. What are the reasons behind this?

Safe box for money: Is it worth having a cash safe box at home?

The Need for Secure Money Storage

First and foremost, a cash safe box is definitely much more secure for keeping valuables than just a dresser drawer, closet or a bag. The box protects precious belongings not only from burglary but also from fire and natural disasters. If you think that your possessions are not important enough to be protected, think of how inconvenient it may be to restore papers in case they are damaged by fire or water?

Benefits of Cash Safe Boxes

It is also worth mentioning that a secret safe money box has another hefty benefit, it enables owners to protect papers, photos, cash and valuables from their curious children. Kids always find it interesting to play with things that belong to adults and misuse or/ and misplace them.

What is a money safe box & what is its purpose?

Feel convinced that you need a small safe box for money and your documents at home? Then you should consider what the money safe box target is, to choose the most suitable device for you. Referring to the purpose of the safe box, you will be able to decide on its size and the details such as security level, fire resistance, type of lock, and other features. But keep in mind that additional features will reinforce the security and convenience of the storage, however they will effect the price.

Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness

Speaking of price, depending on the characteristics of a money safe box for home, it varies from around $300 to $1500+ on average. Fireproof, waterproof, top security boxes cost more. But we can assume that papers and belongings are much more expensive or valuable for you. Imagine what might happen if they disappeared or got damaged.

Moreover, the safe box is intended to serve you for years. It means if you calculate how much you are going to pay for your peace of mind and security of your precious stuff, it will be a fairly small dollar amount per year. Not much, is it?

What To Consider When Choosing Money Safe Box

Feel like you’re ready to buy a safe box for your valuables? Then check the factors that you need to consider before buying it. First of all, define appropriate size of the safe, then think what locking mechanism you find more convenient for your storage and after that decide whether you need your metal safe money box to be with top fire rating and waterproof. Also consider that the safe may be bolted for more security. If you would like it to be, make sure it’s designed to be anchored down.

Let us also remind you to align your security needs with the budget that you plan to spend on your cash box. There is no need to buy the most expensive model if you want to keep some documents and photos secure. But there is one if your precious papers are invaluable.

Alternatives and Supplemental Security Measures

As far as you remember, we started our article with the idea that rarely do we use cash nowadays. We definitely believe that there are a lot of more secure ways to store money including bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, or digital wallets. Moreover, security systems, surveillance cameras, or insurance policies allow us to feel safe and protected at home. But imagine how easy it feels when you have money on your bank or digital account and your house is protected by cameras and policies, whereas your documents and cash are kept in a cash box in a good order, being also protected from your family members, natural disasters or just from being misplaced somewhere.


To sum up, it is quite obvious that a money safe box for home will increase your peace of mind while reducing worries and concerns regarding the security of your valuables. And what you need to think of is not “to buy or not to buy”, but what exactly safe box to buy so that the one meets your requirements. Consider all factors like size, level of protection, additional features and equipment you need. And go on to get a good money safe box for home that will help you keep your valuables secure and your life calmer.

Written by

Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
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Kirillo Byelin