How to change combination on LG Electronic lock

How to change combination on LG Electronic Safe Lock

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Changing the combination on your LG electronic lock is very simple if you pay attention and follow the instructions. Just make sure you always change your combination with the safe door open and bolts retracted all the way. Never change your combination with the safe door closed. Another very useful thing to do is to have your new combination written in front of you due to time limit that is given when changing the combination. You must do it in a timely manner for the lock to receive the new code. after 30 seconds the LG Electronic lock will reset and you will have to start from step 1. Always keep your new combination hidden around the house because once the combination is changed, you are the only one who knows it. Enjoy!

Always perform this operation with the door open

  1. Enter “zero” six times
  2. Enter your existing six (6) digit combination one time.
  3. Enter your NEW six (6) digit combination two times.

If a mistake is made, wait thirty (30) seconds and repeat steps 1- 3.
Test lock operation several times before closing the door.

CAUTION: When selecting a combination do not use birthday or other predictable data that could give correlation between the user and combination.

Valid Combination Entry – Double signal after valid six (6) digit combination is entered.
Invalid Combination Entry – Triple signal indicates the old combination is still valid.

Changing combination on lg electronic lock

LG Electronic Safe Lock

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