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We’ve been helping people protect their valuables since 1990!

Don Trimmer is the founder of The Safe Keeper and is a native resident of Nevada. A visionary leader and expert in the safe industry.  Don and his team of safe specialists consistently stay abreast of what is happening in the industry. This brings a combination of the best products and prices to their customers. He has been in the Safe Business since 1990. At The Safe Keeper we are committed to quality and excellence.  We have the equipment and experience to help you with any safe needed. Weather its a Gun Safe upstairs, Home Safe in the Closet, Commercial Safe in a Jewelry Store or even Vault door for your panic room, we’ve done it all. The Safe Keeper is the best choice for Las Vegas gun safe & security safe sales & service. So stop by and let one of our Gun Safe specialists passionately educate you on buying your first Gun Safe. We look forward to serving you!


We can provide: Our Goal is to offer: The Safe Keeper Las Vegas Gun Safes & Security Safes
  • Residential Safes
  • Gun Safes
  • Commercial Safes
  • Safe Move
  • Bank Vault Installation
  • Safe Repair and Restoration
  • Safe Opening
  • Highest Quality
  • Best Price
  • By far the best Possible Customer Service


Security on sale!

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Do not be fooled by perception. There are boxes with thick looking doors, big bolts and fancy features that are not able to protect your valuables even against simple prying. Buy a safe that you can trust will protect your most valuable possessions!


A little from Don Trimmer

Big Yellow Safe The Safe Keeper

When I was 12 years old I bought my first gun with the money I made working for my dad. It was a 22 rifle I believe. And over a period of time I started accumulating guns and I quickly discovered that my dresser drawer wasn’t exactly the best security system. Right about then I had noticed that few friends and family members have invested in a safe to protect their weapons and other belongings. So I decided, what the hell better safe than sorry. As I was shopping for a perfect safe, I came to realize that the demand on safes in Las Vegas was high, but the variety and selection was very limited. And without getting too much in to the story, that’s how The Safe Keeper came to life. I began searching out the industry for the finest product at best price possible. That’s how I came across brands like Fort Knox with its custom craftsmanship and unique gear driven mechanism. Or Browning with its versatile interior. Or summit with its excessive amounts of steel. Or even Champion and Superior with their triple step pry resistant door. But we didn’t stop there, we even went on to designing our own line of product with the best features in mind. So what essentially started with selling 5 small Liberty safes out of my garage, turned in to a 3000 sq ft store front with over 500 safes in stock. And of course, I value quality and price, but my employees are what I value the most. I mean especially with the type of business I have. Think about it, I have to trust my customer’s confidential information to people who work for me. That’s why our crew consists of my family members, my childhood best friend and people from my home church. And you can take my word that my team knows more about safes than the people who build them. They will not pressure you, but passionately educate for as long as you let them. And of course there is the delivery crew. I personally trained them, delivering thousands of safes over the years together. I am not afraid to admit that we love our business and we love what we do. We talk about safes day in and day out. We live and breather safes. Safes are always the topic at the dinner table and sometimes we even dream about safes. But you know what the most upsetting aspect of this entire business is? When someone comes in the day after they have been burglarized. Because when all’s said and done, that is our main objective. To provide you and your family with the protection you need.

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