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Used safes

Scratch and Dent Safes

Minimal Price: $799.00 Maximum Price: $8,500.00

More About Used Safes

A used safe for sale is a good alternative for a new one in case you are limited by budget. Old used safes from The Safe Keeper aren't shabby, broken vaults rather they are reliable safes which have been inspected and reconditioned. Buying a used safe, you acquire all the features of a good new one. Many of our goods are used high security safes from the most famous brands. They are equipped with all stuff needed to protect your valuables from burglary, such as thick walls, reliable locks and bolts.

Though some used security safes we offer for sale are a little damaged,  it  does not compromise their security. Nearly all of the used safes for sale at our store are fireproof and water-resistant like new ones.

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