Superior Encore 31 (26 Gun Safe)

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  • Brand: Superior
  • Fire Rating: 60 minutes
  • Long Gun Capacity: 26
  • Use for: Gun, Short Gun
  • Depth: $25.00
  • Height: $60.00
  • Width: $36.00
  • Weight: $650.00
  • The reliability of Superior Encore 31 gun safe has been checked for years. We can state; it is equipped with unprecedented features unlike other safes for sale. As a proof is three levels of fire protection on the top and two on the sides. Call for price!


    Gun Capacity / Config: 26 Gun Safe Body Thickness: 12-gauge steel body
    Bolts: Up to 12–1” active bolts Fire Rating: 60 Minute / 1350°
    Door Type: 3/8" Thick multi–plate door Door Casement: Double–Steel Door Casement™
    Relock Sysytem: Superior Auto–Relock™ system Lock System: Sargent & Greenleaf ™ dial lock
    Safe Security Rating: UL security listed Interior Color: Black
    Locking Bolt Sides: 4–way active bolt works Weight: 650