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Shot Show Sale 2016


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  • Brand: No
  • Fire Rating: No
  • Long Gun Capacity: No
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  • Depth: No
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    Shot Show 2016 is over which means time for Great Deals once again. For those of you who don't know how this works, let us explain. Every year big safe brands like Fort Knox, Browning, Summit and more come to Shot Show in Las Vegas to showcase their new products. And every year they don't want to go through trouble of shipping them back to where they came from. So they give us a nice discount to take these safes off their hands. Then we turn around and give that same discount you, which ends up being LOWER than sales price! And that my friends, is how you are going to save a nice chunk of money on brand new 2016 model safes. This year we have 30 Browning Safes and 5 Summit Safes from Shot Show. So stop by and take advantage of this awesome deal. But don't put it off as some models are already Sold. See you soon!

    Shot Show Special 2016