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Sell My Safe Service

It can be hard selling anything on your own. Especially a safe that has to be picked up by Professionals with the right equipment. One might ask: are old safes worth anything or what to do with an old safe? Sell your gun safe to us. We at The Safe Keeper in Las Vegas buy antique, old & used safes almost every day. We love used sfs and so do our customers. So if you don’t want to sit on your safe for months waiting for someone to show up with a refrigerator dolly and destroy half of your house while trying to get it out, call us! We will buy your used safe and remove it quickly and professionally.

Service available in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas Only!

How Much is your safe worth

As mentioned below, the amount you will be offered is based on all criterias listed below. Once we receive your request, it will be processed and we will get back to you with our best offer on used or antique safe value.

How to Sell Your Safe To Us

Get Safe Info

Our quotes are based on the make, model, age and condition of your safe. Also the location of your safe might change the amount we are able to offer.

Describe the Spot

Provide as much information as possible on where the safe is located and what it will take to remove it. Pictures are always preferred and appreciated.

Check For Obstacles

Obstacles such as steps, stairs, unpaved surfaces and tight turns will need to mentioned when requesting a quote for your safe.

Clear The Path

Our Safe Movers will need as much room as possible to remove your safe without damaging your property. A clear path from the safe to our truck will ensure just that.

Request a Quote

Once all of the above information is collected, fill out our Quote Form below to get a Free Quote!