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Safe Removal & Disposal Service

Whether you have a broken heavy safe that’s taking up room or you need to vacate your business by a certain date but there is a safe in the way, we can help. We specialize in Safe Removal and Relocation. Las Vegas is a fast moving city and many don’t have the time to mess with the removal of an old safe, we understand. Our company will remove your safe quickly, efficiently and without any damage to your property.

The Cost of Safe Removal & Disposal Service

The cost of removing a security safe will vary drastically. The price will depend on what type of safe you have, its condition and what it will take to remove it. If the safe can be reconditioned and re-sold, we might be able to remove your safe for free or even buy it from you. If the safe is not in working condition and can not be re-sold, an appropriate removal quote will be provided.

How To Order A Safe Removal & Disposal Service

Get Safe Info

Our quotes are based on the weight of the Safe and the logistics of the removal. Please gather information such as make, model size and weight of your Safe.

Describe the Spot

Provide as much information as possible on where the safe is located and what it will take to remove it. Pictures are always preferred and appreciated.

Check For Obstacles

Obstacles such as steps, stairs, unpaved surfaces and tight turns will need to mentioned when requesting a safe removal and disposal quote.

Clear The Path

Our Safe Movers will need as much room as possible to remove your safe without damaging your property. A clear path from the safe to our truck will ensure just that.

Request a Quote

Once all of the above information is collected, fill out our Quote Form below to get a Free Quote!