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Safe Installation Service

Safe installation is our specialty. With over 27 years of experience in security safe installation and thousands of safes installed, The Safe Keeper is a sure way to go. When it comes to installing safes, equipment is just as important as experience and we’ve got both. Our security, gun & home safe delivery and installation service applies to customers who purchase their safe from us as well as from other dealers, and wish to have their safe installed in their home or business. Our technicians are clean and punctual. They will install your safe quickly, efficiently and without any damage to your property.

The Cost of Installing a Safe

Our safe installation cost is mainly based on the weight of the safe and the difficulty of the install. Rates start at $95 for the smallest of safes and can go up to $800+ for the heavy commercial safes. Additional services such as bolt down incur additional charges. To get an exact quote on the installation of your safe, please fill out our Quote Form below.

How To Order A Safe Installation Service

Get Safe Info

Our quotes are based on the weight of the safe. Please gather information such as make, model size and weight of your safe.

Pick A Spot

Decide where you want your safe to be installed. Make sure the safe will fit through all the doors and make all the turns.

Check For Obstacles

Obstacles such as steps, stairs, unpaved surfaces and tight turns will need to mentioned when requesting a quote for home or gun safe installation.

Clear The Path

Our safe installers will need as much room as possible to maneuver your safe through your house or business.

Request a Quote

Once all of the above information is collected, fill out our Quote Form below to get a Free Quote!

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