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Locksmith Safe Service

Do you need help changing the combination on your safe? Do you want to change your safe dial lock to electronic keypad? Or maybe you are locked out and need help getting into your gun safe. Whatever it bay be, The Safe Keeper does it all: safe lock repair and locksmith safe opening services. We’ve been providing Las Vegas and surrounding areas with top notch, professional safe opening service since 1990. Best locksmith open safe cost and service guaranteed!

The Cost of Safe Locksmith Service

For your convenience we do not charge per hour, mile or ounce of sweat. The price of Security Safe Repair service will depend on what needs to be done. Our service call charge is $95 and covers some of the services listed above such as combination change, lock change, safe opening and more (parts cost extra). For an accurate quote please contact us below with the make and model of your safe and a Locksmith Safe Service that needs to be done.

Safe Locksmith Services We Provide

Combination Changing

Whether you have a mechanical dial lock or an electronic push button lock, we can help you change your code.

Lock Changing

We can change your mechanical dial lock to electronic keypad lock and vice versa.

Lock Servicing

Whether your safe lock is acting weird or not opening every time, we can carry out a safe lock repair and fix this problem.

Safe Repairs

Is your home safe handle loose? Locking bolts are binding up? Door is hard to open? Whatever it is, we can make professional safe repair!

Safe Opening Service

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get into your safe. We always try our best to open your security safe without having to drill, however if necessary, we can do that too.