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Portable Safes & Lock Boxes

Minimal Price: $100.00 Maximum Price: $569.00

More About Portable Safes And Lock Boxes

If you need your sensitive documents, devices, handguns and other valuables to be in a secure place but always with you while you are out of home, in hotel or in trips, the best option for you is either a portable safe or a lock box. The main benefits of a small portable safe are a lightweight design (from 4lb of weight); an attractive (up to $550) price for sale; and immediate access to the content. Despite its light weight, a portable security safe is loaded with robust security features, including a sophisticated locking system. Choose the best compact safe for you among the items listed here. We offer portable safes and lock boxes for sale from reliable safe manufacturers at the best prices.

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of portable safes?
The main advantage of portable safes is a lightweight design. They allow the owner easily bring valuables from one place to another. Besides, lock boxes also provide immediate access to the content, and come for sale cheaper than other storages.

Which lock type is used in portable safes and lock boxes?
Portable safes and lock boxes come for sale with a combination lock, an electronic lock, a biometric lock, or a key lock. Depending on your needs you can choose either a storage with a biometric, electronic lock for quick and frequent access to your valuables or traditional robust key lock which will serve you long.

Portable safes and lock boxes of what brands are available at your store?
We offer a wide selection of high quality portable safes and lock boxes from reliable American brands. Among the best portable safes for sale we would mention the ones made by Hollon, V-Line, Fort Knox, Stack-On and Browning manufacturers.