TL-15 Safes

Minimal Price: $1,441.00 Maximum Price: $5,850.00

More About TL-15 Safes

TL-15 safes are designed to provide impeccable protection against both burglars and fire. These are high security safes which can withstand any sophisticated cracking tools or devices as well as the smartest pry attacks. And we mean every our word. Before a TL-15 rated safe comes for sale, it is very thoroughly tested by professionals. Moreover, TL-15 safes are able to provide 2 hour fire protection at really high temperatures. All the units are factory rated which leaves no doubts in their reliability. If you want to get rid of worries that your valuables are not protected enough, buy a TL-15 safe immediately.

Questions & Answers

What is TL-15 safe?
TL-15 safe is able to withstand 15 minutes of burglary attack done with common tools. A TL-15 safe should include one inch steel construction on all sides and 1.5 inch steel on the door.

How secure is TL-15 safe?
TL-15 is a high security safe, which is not only stated by a manufacturer but also proven by a team of professionals. The safes are able to withstand burglary attacks done with any mechanical and electrical hand tools.

TL-15 safes of what brands do you offer to buy?
The Safe Keeper is an authorized dealer of the best American brands. We sell the safes in which high quality we are 100% sure. We offer to buy a TL 15 safe from Hollon brand as it is one of the flagmans on the market.