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Superior Encore Series Gun Safes

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More about Superior Encore Series Gun Safes

Choosing Superior Encore Series Gun Safes, you acquire the storage you can rely on in case of fire or pry-in attack. The safes are offered for sale within a wide range of gloss and textured finishes to blend in with any interior design. Encore safes are compact but capacious and very user-friendly. The best value for the price!

  • Fire Protection:60 min, 1350°F
  • Body Steel Thickness:12-Gauge
  • Door Thickness/Type:5/16" Thick Steel Door
  • Locking Bolts:Up to 16 - 1"
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:All 4 Sides (top/sides/bottom)
  • Lock Feature:Diamond Embeded Armour Plate™
  • Ratings:UL Security Listed
  • Gun Count:Up to 52

Encore Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Superior Encore Safes are available in a wide range of black, platinum, burgundy and ivory as well as both in gloss and textured finishes. Superior Encore Series Safes are very compact and convenient, therefore their prices are lower than the ones of other series of the brand. Superior Encore Gun Safes for sale are stuffed with all important features of security. They have an increased level of fire protection and several reinforcements to keep your valuables from break-ins. So, if you don't require a huge safe, there is a good reason to save some money and buy one of our Superior Encore Safes.

Exterior Dimensions
Weight (lbs)
Long Gun
ENCORE 41 72" x 40" x 29" 775 52
ENCORE 31 60" x 36" x 25" 650 26
ENCORE 22 60" x 28" x 22" 550 28
ENCORE 17 60" x 24" x 23" 475 19