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Summit Safes

Summit Gun Safes

Summit safes are designed for those people who strive only for excellence and never settle for mediocre. Summit gun safes have only the best options for convenient usage. The interior design enables their owners to arrange the firearms and other valuables they have in order. Summit safes for sale have all the features for maximum security. They are made of the strongest steel and equipped with the most sophisticated locking systems. And ultimately, splendid stylish exterior design!

No wonder that there are many Summit gun safe dealers! Being the authorized dealer The Safe Keeper offers one of the biggest collections of Summit gun safes for sale for the best prices on the market!

Summit Gun Safes Series

Summit Gun Safes List

Minimal Price: $4,635.00 Maximum Price: $20,000.00

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More About Summit Safes

Summit Safes Provide Perfect Fire Protection

More Fire Protection

Perfect fire protection is one of the remarkable features which all safes of Summit brand have. They can withstand 90 minutes at 1200 degrees due to 3 layer-fire-retardant on every of 6 sides. Compared to competitors Summit safes have a lot more steel which makes them more fire-resistant.

Summit Gun Safe is a Product Of The High Quality

High Quality

Summit is one of a few brands which uses a maximum thickness of steel in their safes, keeping to the best traditions of safe manufacturing. The bodies of Summit safes are built from 7 Gauge (3/16”) Steel which is 4 times stronger than 12 Gauge steel and 8 times more robust than 14 Gauge one.

Every Summit Safe Has Excellent Security

Excellent Security

We are proud that Summit safes have exceptional security. It is achieved with Sergeant & Greenleaf 6730 manipulation resistant locks. The locks contain more brass components which are stronger than zinc ones. There is a ½” plate of ball bearings which helps to withstand drilling into the lock.

Summit Offers Improved Interior For Its Gun Safes

Improved Interior

Summit manufacturer offers the best interior options to make their safes user-friendly. They are equipped with holsters and pouches, LED lights which are activated by motion and interior outlets. Summit safes are designed with an exclusive slider system and a set of convenient adjustable shelves.

Gearwork Features Keep Every Summit Safe From Deforming Under Pressure

Gearwork Features

At the top and bottom of each Summit safe, there is a gear drive with cams which make gearwork. The special structure of the mechanism keeps it from deforming under pressure and the over-center cams ease the pressure. All the bolts are made of stainless steel and fully welded instead of being threaded.

All Summit Safes Are Made In The USA

Made In The USA

Buying a Summit gun safe the owner invests into the thing which will serve them for long. Summit gun safes have an unprecedented US quality so that you can rely all your precious belonging on it. They offer the best balance between quality and price which the safes of the other brands cannot provide.