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Redundant Lock Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $2,702.00 Maximum Price: $21,022.00

More About Redundant Lock Gun Safes

Scrutinize the advantages of a redundant lock gun safe prior to taking a decision which storage to buy. The gun safes have both digital and mechanical locking mechanisms for preventing inconvenience of electronic lock failure. Buying a gun safe with electromechanical locking system you provide access to your safe even in the event of an EMP attack when you need it most. Additional benefits of EMP proof gun safes we offer is their custom interior and exterior design. You can choose the color, interior fabric, configuration, etc. to make it exclusive. And ultimately, our prices are fair.

Questions & Answers

What is redundant lock?
A redundant lock is a mechanism that incorporates electronic and mechanical locks and allows an owner to open a safe by using one of the locks. It means that in case of dead batteries or other issues with an electronic lock, the safe can be quickly unlocked with a mechanical one.

Are redundant locks EMP proof?
Yes, they are. Additional mechanical lock will stand a safe owner in good stead in case of EMP attack or other electromagnetic effects. When the electronic lock is disabled, the safe can be opened with the mechanical lock.

What is the difference between redundant & dual locks?
Redundant locking system incorporates electronic and mechanical locks, which are of different types. They offer two ways to open a singular lock. A user can unlock a safe by entering a digital combination either on an electronic keypad or a rotating dial. Dual locks are two independent locks which can be either of different or identical types.