Small Long Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $995.00 Maximum Price: $3,265.00

More About Small Long Gun Safes

Small long gun safe is built to be installed even in the smallest room. It doesn't mean that compact long gun safe for home is able to accommodate only little things. Many of these safes are equipped with many shelves allowing enough place for both rifles and a big number of precious belongings. Purchase the best small long gun safe at our store and create the interior design of the storage yourself by choosing configuration options you need. All safes are fireproof and have standard security features. But if you want more, you can also buy additional upgrade options.

Questions & Answers

What are the sizes of small long gun safes?
Small long gun safes are good for storing long rifles and other precious belongings. They are designed to save useful space in the room. Small gun safes usually have 50-60.00" height, 16-28.00" width and 15-25.00" depth.

What is the best long gun safe for money?
Long gun safes are equipped with security and fire protection features. That means that the vaults are good for storing any valuables including money. However, the best long gun safe for money has convenient pouches, pockets and shelves for keeping small stuff.

Who makes a good small rifle safe?
There are several brands which offer high quality small rifle safes. Among the best manufacturers speacializing in them, we would mention Fort Knox, Superior, Dakota, Champion, Summit and Stack-on.