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Dakota Black Diamond Series Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $1,270.00 Maximum Price: $2,254.00

More about Dakota Black Diamond Series Gun Safes

A Tough Act To Follow

Dakota Black Diamond Series Gun Safes can boast significant level of security, beautiful exterior and strong fire resistance features. The safes have 11 gauge fully continuous welded body and anti-pry tabs to provide maximum protection from criminals. The series is equipped with palusol heat seal to achieve 75 minute /1250° degree fire rating.

  • Fire Protection:75 mins, 1250°F
  • Outer Shell Thickness:11 ga
  • Inner Door Steel Thickness:11 ga
  • Door Bolts:Up to 18, 1.5"-Diameter
  • Gun Count:Up to 51
  • Door Steel Thickness:11 ga

Black Diamond Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Dakota Black Diamond safes are available in one Textured Black Silver Vein color emblazoned with their brand logo in silver. All Bakota Black Diamond series safes come with Anti-Pry tabs which much increase the level of protection from burglary. Dakota Black Diamond gun safes for sale have sufficient fire resistance, convenient interior which includes gun and storage shelving, whilst very attractive prices. Buying Dakota Black Diamond gun safe you invest in a quality secure storage hense reduce stress in your life.

Weight (lbs)
Outer Shell
Door Steel
Inner Door
Steel Thickness
BD7242 72" x 42" x 27" 1090 11ga. 11ga. 11ga. 18 - 1.5" 51
BD5939 59" x 39" x 24" 750 11ga. 11ga. 11ga. 14 - 1.5" 39
BD5930 59" x 30" x 24" 615 11ga. 11ga. 11ga. 14 - 1.5" 11/22
BD5928 59" x 28" x 20" 525 11ga. 11ga. 11ga. 12 - 1.5" 12/24
BD5924 59" x 24" x 20" 490 11ga. 11ga. 11ga. 14 - 1.5" 10/20