Champion Crown Series Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $5,895.00 Maximum Price: $7,795.00

More about Champion Crown Series Gun Safes

Perfect synthesis of strength, fire protection, precision, and elegance

Champion Crown Series Gun Safes could be called the best among their competitors for their robust body, elegant design and high level of fire protection. Crown Series can brag 3/16″ steel walls. They come in plush velour interior and high-gloss mirror exterior finishes. The Crown offers 1750°F two-hour fire rating which is rather high.

  • Fire Protection:120 mins, 1750°F
  • Outer Shell Thickness:3/16"
  • Inner Door Steel Thickness:10 ga
  • Door Bolts:Up to 22, 1-1/2"-Diameter
  • Gun Count:Up to 64
  • Door Steel Thickness:1/4"

Crown Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Champion Crown Series Safe is nonpareil in terms of everything; interior and exterior design, strength, fire and pry-resistance, and gun capacity. Champion Crown Safe prices are more attractive compared to those of the vaults of the same quality from other brands. There is a diverse collection of Champion Crown Gun Safes for sale at our store. The vaults come in different colors, sizes, configuration and lock options. Choose and buy the Champion Crown Gun Safe which will meet all your requirements!

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Outer Shell
Door Steel
Inner Door
Steel Thickness
Door Edge
CN-65 52.5" x 73" x 27.5" 61 CF 1875 3/16" 1/4" 10ga. 3/4" 22 - 1.5" 64/58**
CN-55 45.5" x 73" x 27.5" 53 CF 1720 3/16" 1/4" 10ga. 3/4" 20 - 1.5" 58/49**
CN-45 39.5" x 67" x 27.5" 42 CF 1460 3/16" 1/4" 10ga. 3/4" 16 - 1.5" 49
* Total Depth includes 2-1/2" for handle. ** With Bank Box™ Storage Drawers