Browning Medallion Series Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $2,350.00 Maximum Price: $5,279.99

An exclusive, first-rate collection of  Browning Medallion gun safes is not big, as it is created for the owners who value only premium quality and luxury. Browning Medallion series safe are crafted with exquisite taste. They have unique sophisticated exterior design and very pleasant interior decorated with the best finishes. Besides, all our browning medallion gun safes for sale are very convenient and large; providing the owner with a lot of space for firearms of absolutely different sizes. And all the vaults have the best security features allowing no break-ins as well as fire and water damage.

Comparing to more simple collections Browning Medallion safe prices are not cheap. But taking into consideration that you invest once to feel secure all your life, they are absolutely worth the money!