Browning Hunter Series Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $2,473.00 Maximum Price: $3,159.00

More about Browning Hunter Series Gun Safes

Meet Browning Hunter Series Gun Safes for sale. This series is created for hunters. Big and convenient Browning Hunter Safe can be handier to utilize with some additional options, for example, AXIS case for small valuables (money or jewelry). Other considerable specifications for a reasonable price: trusty locking system, thick steel.

  • Fire Protection:1680°F/90 min
  • Body Steel Thickness:11-Gauge
  • Body Insulation:1-7/8"
  • Door Insulation:1-3/4"
  • Ceiling Insulation:1-7/8"
  • Door Thickness/Type:1-1/4" Formed Door With Inner Plate
  • Locking System:Force Deflectorâ„¢
  • Locking Bolts:1-1/4" diameter chromed
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:3 Sides (top/sides)
  • Lock Protection:Hardened Steel Pin
  • Pry-Stop End Bolts:Yes
  • Gun Count:Up to 49

Hunter Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Large and handy Browning Hunter Safe can be even more convenient to use with some extra options you can choose from, such as AXIS drawers for money and jewelry. Browning Hunter Series Safe is very secure having a robust locking system. By the way, you can choose either a dial or electronic lock for your Browning Hunter Gun Safe. All our Browning Hunter Gun Safes for sale are made of thick steel to protect your valuables from fire and other damages. Buying a capacious Browning Hunter Safe you get much storage space for a moderate price.

Exterior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
High Capacity
Barrel Racks
Long Gun
HR26 - STANDARD 60" x 31" x 25" 55" x 26" x 17" 26 700 4 2 1 14 - 1-1/4"(8 Active) 33 (13/26+7)
HR37 - WIDE 60" x 43" x 25" 55" x 39" x 17" 37 875 5 3 1 14 - 1-1/4"(8 Active) 49 (26/39+10)