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American Security Safes

American Security Gun Safes

Don't lull into a false sense of security, buy real reliable Amsec safes!

American security safes for sale are equipped with solid steel plate of the body and interference-resistant locking block allowing no opportunities for burglars to open or penetrate them. No matter what kind of vault you are looking for either home or office, drop or gun safes you can find all of them on our website. American security safe prices are completely fair; if you buy a stylish designed amsec gun safe with two layers of steel for exceptional protection and premium door organizer it will be more expensive than a simple home safe to protect your documents from fire.

As other American security gun safe dealers, we are very proud to offer you top-notch vaults from the largest manufacturer in the world!

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More About American Security Safes

American Security Is A Market Leader In The Production Of Safes

The Industry Leader For Over 65 Years

American Security Products have been providing a wide variety of safes and consulting services with the utmost rate of quality, responsiveness, and integrity. The design of every safe is supported by over 65 years of experience. Each AMSEC safe goes through the industry's most detailed testing program.

Every Gun Safe Built By AMSEC Has High Burglary Ratings

High Burglary Ratings

Gun safes produced by AMSEC, namely UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification, showed the aptitude to outstay drilling, punching, and other destructive attacks executed by the most skilled UL accomplished specialists. AMSEC gun safes are highly protected from burglary and fire.

American Security Gun Safes Hold Leading Fire Ratings

Leading Fire Ratings

Our ratings have been confirmed by autonomous testing at Intertek Laboratories. The ETL logo on our fire-rating labels says about it. Intertek puts our safes in a heater with 8 gas burners and a temperature up to 1200°F. To pass this test, the inner temperature inside a safe must stay on below 350°F.

AMSEC's HS, BF, SF and TF Series Safes Include PALUSOLĀ® Intumescent Fire Seals

PALUSOL® Intumescent Fire Seals

A Palusol Intumescent Door Seal is included in all of AMSEC's HS, BF, SF and TF Series safes. This item gives a durable positive hardening between the door and body, averting heat inflow. When the distending seal is exposed to high temperature, it expands up to 8 times its original consistency.

Each American Security Safe Is Tested To Confirm The Burglary And Fire Ratings

Standardized Testing

AMSEC's one of the top manufacturers who utilize normalized test operations from autonomous laboratories to confirm the burglary and fire ratings. Normalized autonomous testing ensures coordinated test procedures that are able to be used in the industry. Thus users can match ratings among different safes.

AMSEC Gives Lifetime Warranty On All Safes Against Theft & Fire

Lifetime Warranty

AMSEC gives you a warranty and will repair or replace your safe free of charge if: 1) Harm from a Home Fire – If your safe is spoiled in a home fire. 2) Burglaries – If your safe is forcibly got into. 3) Attempted Burglaries – If your safe goes through a perforator, punch or pry attack and is not broken.