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Fort Knox Defender 7261 (42-100 Gun Safe)

TAKING A PROTECTOR VAULT AND ADDING THE DURABILITY OF A THICK ZOLATONE FINISH, creates a practical vault designed for the rough shop type environment.  Durability and practicality with the most sizes available only occurs in a Fort Knox Vault.

Regular Price: 6,750.00

Our Price: $6,128.00

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Regular Price: 6,750.00

Our Price: $6,128.00

You Save: 9%

The Defender series is one of Fort Knox more economically priced safes and has the exact same standard security features as the Protector. This series was designed for people who aren’t necessarily looking for an overly aesthetically pleasing safe and are looking for something especially durable for their garage or shop. The Defender also comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes just like the Protector. The smallest size comes in at just 10 cu. Ft. holding just a few shelves or long-guns while the largest of the line has 69 cu. Ft. with the ability to hold a ridiculous 100 guns. The Interior of the Defender comes with your choice of 8 different layout configurations to fit your specific needs. Let’s take a look at the features of the Defender.

What we love about Fort Knox is that they provide excellent fire protection even on their more budget friendly safes. The Defender series has the same fire protection rating as their flagship safe, the Legend, with 90 minutes at 1680° and upgradable to 120 minutes for an additional cost. Most other brands entry level safes provide less than half of the fire protection that the Defender offers, which is yet another reason why I highly recommend considering Fort Knox.

The construction and security features of the Defender series are identical to the Protector series, offering a reinforced fire door, quadrafold doorframe and a 10 gauge steel unibody. If you’re looking for some additional security for your Defender safe, Ft Knox provides several optional upgrades like their unique star corner bolts, an inner steel liner and their stainless steel package. The Defender can also be upgraded to a higher thickness of steel all the way up to ¼” thick body with a ½” thick steel doorplate. This series is a great value if you’re looking for an extremely strong safe.

Stripped from all the fancy exterior options that the other models offer, the Defender is meant to be rugged and durable to withstand the rough environment of a garage or shop. The secret behind its enhanced durability is the thick zolate finish that protects your safe’s finish from scratches and scuffs that would normally start to collect when sitting in a rough environment. The Defender comes in 4 different durable textured finishes, dark granite, gray granite, black and a lighter colored option called rimrock. This safe comes standard with a mechanical lock but does have the option to be upgraded to an electronic lock. Some popular additional upgrades include, a fluorescent lighting package, door rack and dehumidifier.

Fort Knox includes their comprehensive lifetime warranty on the Defender, which covers fire and flood damage, break-in attempts and manufacturers defects in every aspect of your safe including the lock. I find this warranty to be one of the best warranties available.


  • External Dimensions: 72.5" H x 61" W x 27" D (30" D w/ Handle)
  • Weight: 1644 lbs
  • Volume: 69 cu. ft.
  • 13 All-Active 1.5" Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • 90 minutes of fire protection at 1680°
  • UL RSC Security Container
  • S&G Group II manipulation resistant Dial lock

Additional Information
Brand Fort Knox
Fire Rating 90 minutes
Long Gun Capacity from 42 to 100
Use for Gun
Depth $27.00
Height $72.00
Width $61.00
Weight $1,644.00
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