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More about Browning MP Blackout Core-Series Gun Safes

Browning MP Blackout Core-Series Gun Safes are known not only for their unprecedented quality, security, and fire resistance. They also look really stylish in a tactical black finish and patriotic graphics. Cantilevered Modular Shelving enables convenience and quick access. All mentioned above and a very attractive price for sale makes it a great bargain.

  • Fire Protection:1550°F/80 min
  • Body Steel Thickness:12-Gauge
  • Body Insulation:1-1/4"
  • Door Insulation:1-3/4"
  • Ceiling Insulation:1-7/8"
  • Door Thickness/Type:1" Formed Door with partial inner plate
  • Locking System:Force Deflector™
  • Locking Bolts:7 (4 Active)
  • Locking Bolts:1" chrome-lined bolts
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:3 Sides (Top/Sides)
  • Lock Feature:Hardened Steel Pin Lock Protection
  • Pry-Stop End Bolts:Yes
  • Appearance:The exclusive Blackout graphic
  • Gun Count:Up to 49

MP Blackout Core-Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Browning MP Blackout Core-Series Gun Safes can offer much more than the safes from the competitors for the same price for sale. The series meets the requirements for the UL Residential Security. The superb security rating is achieved by pry-stop end bolts, reinforced door frame, and strong locking bolts. Another distinguishing characteristic of the series is thermal block fire insulation, which allows keeping content cool for 80 minutes at 1550° of external temperature. Browning MP Blackout models can also boast a patented DPX Door Storage System, which maximizes useful space inside the storage. The price of a new Browning MP Blackout gun safe could range from $1,649 to $2,039 for the base configuration.

Exterior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
High Capacity
Barrel Racks
Long Gun
MP33 58" x 29" x 24" 52-1/2" x 26" x 17-1/2" 25 560 4 2 1 33 (13/26+7)
MP49 58" x 42" x 24" 52-1/2" x 38-1/2" x 17-1/2" 36 710 5 3 1 49 (26/39+10)