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Champion Trophy 60 (62 Gun Safe)

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  • Brand: Champion
  • Fire Rating: 75 minutes
  • Long Gun Capacity: 62
  • Use for: Gun
  • Depth: $30.50
  • Height: $72.00
  • Width: $50.00
  • Weight: $1,275.00
  • Champion Trophy 60 gun safe is huge inside to provide much room for all precious belongings of the owner. In comparison to other safes of the same size for sale, it comes for a cheaper price. The vault has all the necessary features of security.


    Body: High-Security Door:
    • Up to Two-Inch Thick Composite Walls
    • 11-Gauge Steel Walls
    • Up to Three Layers of Fire Insulation
    • Double-Steel Door Casement™
    • Classic Steel Arch Doorway™
    • 4-1/2″-Thick Double Plate Steel Door
    • 10-Gauge Outer Steel, Full 14-Gauge Inner
    • 3/4″ Reinforced Door Edge
    • Internal Ball-Bearing Hinges
    • Three Layers of Fire Insulation
    • Five-Spoke Handle with Slip Clutch
    BoltWorks: Lock Protection:
    • Four-Way Active Boltworks
    • Up to 16, 1-1/4”-Diameter Door Bolts
    • Bolt-Detent™ System
    • Roughneck™ Bolt Guides
    • Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock Standard
    • Champion’s Auto-Relock™ System
    • Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™
    Interior: Ratings:
    • Plush Velour Interior
    • High Capacity Gun Racks
    • LED Lighting with Motion Sensor
    • 110-Volt Power Receptacle
    • Steel Reinforced Top Shelves (TY-60, TY-50)
    • Deluxe Door Organizer
    • 1500°F 75-MINUTE FIRE RATING
    • Phoenix™ Class III Fire Protection
    • Tested in an ASME Certi?ed Facility
    • UL® Security Rating
    • Lifetime Warranty


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