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Commercial Safes

Minimal Price: $865.00 Maximum Price: $5,078.00

Commercial Safes For Sale

Commercial safe is important furniture in an office as well as in a cafe, retail shop or other places where people work with cash, receipts and documents. There are commercial safes for sale with absolutely various features: some of them provide unprecedented protection from burglary, the others are fire-resistant, or even fireproof. Each cash safe for business can be customized to different requirements, therefore, buying a safe, one should consider the level of business security which the safe offers, design, capacity, locking mechanism and what things will be stored in the safe. Money safes for business can serve for ages if they are of high quality, produced by a reliable manufacturer and professionally installed. Choose the best commercial safe which meets all your requirements here!

Questions & Answers About Commercial Safes

Are commercial safes to protect cash from fire?
Not exactly. Commercial safes are intended to protect documents, receipts and cash from thefts and fire. Some of them have higher fire-resistance, the others theft-deterrence, the third ones are built to withstand both.

How much does a commercial safe cost?
The price for a commercial safe depends on its size, included features, locking system and many other criteria. The price range for such storages at our store varies from $187 up to $5,078.

Which brand of commercial safe is best?
The Safe Keeper recommends commercial safes from proven American brands. Hollon and Baron are among the best in the industry.