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Browning PV1500 Biometric Pistol Vault

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  • Brand: Browning
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Long Gun Capacity: 3
  • Use for: Handguns
  • Depth: $11.00
  • Height: $9.50
  • Width: $14.50
  • Weight: $23.00
  • Browning PV1500 is packed with superior security features to take care of the most precious things of yours. The vault has both a programmable 4-button electronic lock and biometric pad for more convenience of its owner.


    Features: Body:
    • Perfect for securing handguns, cameras, wallets, and documents.
    • Ideal for home, office, cabin, car or truck, SUV, RV, boat or travel.
    • Four Button Key Pad: Quick Access; Reprogrammable
    • Pick & Pluck Foam: Customizable
    • Power Supply: Back-Up
    • Twice the steel of competing pistol vaults.
    • 10-Gauge Steel Body: Safety & Security
    • Body: 10-Gauge Steel
    • Lid: 10-Gauge Recessed Plate
    BoltWorks: Door & Lock Protection:
    • Bolt-down capable
    • Bolts: 2 -- 1⁄2" Solid Bolts (2 Active)
    • 10-Gauge Steel Door: Recessed to resist prying; Spring-assisted for fast & easy access
    • Hinges: Heavy duty, Exterior
    • Lock: Electronic with Touch Pad
    • Biometric and Programable Key Pad
    • Interior LED Lights: Illuminates interior making contents easier to locate
    • Paint: Textured Black
    • Interior: Pick & Pluck Foam