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Browning Pro Series HSD5 Home Safe Deluxe

Regular Price: 2,149.00

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Regular Price: 2,149.00

Our Price: $1,858.00

You Save: 14%

Product Description

Home Sweet Home Safe.

Pro Series Home safes have been designed with the home in mind. Elegant colors and finishes compliment any homes d├ęcor. ¼” thick steel bodies, 1/2″ Composite Plate Door and MAX Locking Bolts combine with durable fire ratings to make them as functional as they are beautiful. Three sizes are available to secure jewelry, heirlooms, documents and other valuables and the security these safes give you is no illusion. Top quality components and design protect your valuables from thieves and fire at Browning levels of confidence..

Pro Series Deluxe safes have been designed specifically for home use. All Home Series safes carry a UL Security rating as well as a 110 minute/1700° F fire rating. A selection of sizes is available to secure jewelry, heirlooms, documents and other valuables.

  • UL Residential Security Container listed security
  • 1700° F/110 minute fire protection
  • AXIS Adjustable Shelving and Accessories
Browning HS17 Interior 1

AXIS Jewelry Drawer

Browning-HSD12 Door Open


The thickness of the steel that comprises the safe body. A smaller gauge number means thicker steel, which provides more security than thinner steel. The thickest safe body on Browning ProSteel safes is 3/16″ (on Platinum Plus and Pinnacle Series) and this specification is not shown in gauge measurement.

Steel Thickness
Thicker steel means more protection from any type of criminal attack and from fire.

  • Best – 3⁄16″ Steel — Equivalent to about 6.5 gauge, 0.1875″ thick.
  • Better – 10 gauge — 0.135″ thick.
  • Good – 12 gauge — 0.105″ thick.

Door Thickness
A thicker, more rigid door is better able to resist pry attacks. A door formed from multiple pieces of steel is more rigid because strategic bends in the metal add strength. A formed door also includes fire insulation, and therefore provides more fire protection.

  • Best – Duo-Formed® Door — 1 5⁄16″ thick door face.Full steel interior panel.
  • Better – 1″ Formed Door — 1″ thick door face. Steel reinforcement panels.
  • Good – Plate Door — 3⁄16″ thick solid steel door face.


Browning provides a Gun Safe Warranty that is one of the best in the industry.

The warranty covers:


If your safe is involved in one of the above situations and your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the damage to the safe, we will repair or replace the safe. (Safe contents are not covered.) Shipping costs for a new safe, if necessary, are included. Some restrictions apply. See Safe Owner’s Manual or browning.com for complete warranty information.


Thermablock Fire Protection

Thermablock Fire Protection


When heat builds and flames roar, ThermaBlock ensures that your valuables are well protected. Exclusive to Browning ProSteel safes, ThermaBlock features thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps that would allow the internal temperature in the safe to rise during a fire.

With ThermaBlock’s advantages, we begin fire-testing safes where the other brands’ testing ends. The chart shows that a Browning ProSteel safe with ThermaBlock and external hinges offers fire protection as much as three times better than a safe with internal hinges and gaps in fire protection that leave your valuables unprotected.


We understand that fire protection is more than just adding fire insulation to a safe. Other aspects of safe construction play crucial roles in the total fire protection package. Here, the little details add up to make or break the true fire protection a safe offers.

The thickness of the s teel used in the body is vital. Heavier gauge steel flexes less when heated, limiting distortion that lets heat in through gaps in broken welds and around the door frame. Speaking of welds, we continuously weld — not spot weld like some of the competition — every seam for added resistance to heat-related flex. Even the door hinge design matters. All of these little touches add up to big gains in fire and heat resistance and go a long w ay towards protecting your most valuable possessions.


Body Thickness 12-Gauge Steel
Door Type/Thickness Duo-Formed 1″
Locking System Force Deflector
Locking Bolt Size 3″ x 3/4″, MAX
Locking Bolts Side Coverage 2 Sides
Pry-Stop Bolts 2 Pry-Stop MAX Corner Bolts
Inner Plate Specification Full 10 ga. Plate
Lock S & G Electronic
Lock Protection Feature 1/4″ Hardplate, Hardened Pins, Relocker
Reinforced Door Frame  4-Sided, Full Reinforcement

Fire Protection

Insulation Thickness – Body 1 1/2″
Insulation Thickness – Door and Ceiling 2″
Fire Seal Palusol
Fire Rating 1700° F/110 Min.


Hinge Caps Chrome-Plated
Interior Covering Beige Carpet
Handle 5-Spoke, Chrome-Plated


180° hinges Yes
Raised Floors Yes
Storage Solution DPX, Jewelry Drawer & Pull Out File
DPX Handgun Pouches/Hooks 2 Pouches, 5 Hooks
Scope Saver N/A
Axis Accessories Included Door Accessory Packag
Additional Information
Brand Browning
Fire Rating 110 minutes
Long Gun Capacity 0
Use for Documents, Handguns, Jewelry, Money
Depth $22.00
Height $18.00
Width $200.00
Weight $30.00
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