Most people who walk in to our store, are looking for good safe that can withstand a typical pry attack. And very often when torch resistance is mentioned, it is followed by a grin, a wave of a hand and something along the lines of - “that’s an overkill”. In most cases of home burglaries, that is true... However, not all. And this story is about an attempted safe break in where the bad guys came “...

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Oct 17, 2018 4:21:14 PM By SAfe Keeper Articles Photo Gallery

Moving  a  Cannonball  Safe

The other day we had an opportunity to partake in moving a truly unique safe. This beautiful Cannonball safe was built in early 1870’s. Back in the day of Jesse James this safe was considered “Absolutely Robbery Proof” due to the rounded corners and 3,600 pound weight which kept it from being stolen. Back in the day, it was common practice to kidnap the Banker during the...

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Jan 27, 2017 11:18:05 AM By SAfe Keeper Articles Photo Gallery