Amsec BWB3020FL Drop Safe

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For the owners of retail business Amsec BWB 3020FL is a useful thing. Everytime when an employee gets cash, they drop it into the safe and the money is kept in a secure place until the owner wants to take it. This way the business avoids unpleasant thefts.


  • Internal Dimensions: 19-3/4" x 19-3/4" x 17"
  • External Dimensions: 40" x 20" x 20"
  • Door Opening: 24-3/4 x 21-1/4
  • Cubic Inch capacity on these vaults is 9,938
  • Weight on the unit is 270 pounds
  • Recessed heavy duty 1/8-inch construction with 1/8-inch door on these units offer superb anti-burglary protection
  • Protected by dual "anti-fish" baffles
  • Package capacity in the front load unit is: 4" x 9" x 11-1/2" (maximum)
  • The safe comes with two adjustable shelves

Standard Body Features for Amsec's BWB 3020FL

  • The safe door measures a massive 1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate
  • Formed high tensile steel body and jamb construction to maximize protection against pry attack on this safe
  • Reinforced internal jambs on all four sides provide protection against sledgehammer attack
  • Free ESL5 Electronic Lock Upgrade
  • It uses a three-way locking mechanism which consists of five one-inch diameter chromed steel locking bolts
  • Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically if the lock is compromised
  • Locks and auxiliary spring-loaded relocking devices are protected by a carburized hardplate to aid in detering a drill attack on these units
  • Convenient door-mounted recessed coin rack offers storage of additional coins for change
  • Can be ordered with a front "mailbox type" drop, a top hopper, or a reverse mailbox type drop

Interior Locker Features for Amsec's BWB3020FL:

  • Heavy 1/4-inch steel door with Medeco® high security camlock
  • The interior compartment of these units offer a clear door opening of 6"H x 12"W
  • Front Load - inside locker height restricted to six inches
Additional Information
Brand American Security Amsec
Fire Rating No
Long Gun Capacity No
Use for Money
Depth $20.00
Height $40.00
Width $20.00
Weight $270.00


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