AmSec Safe Cloak Wooden Cabinet Disguise 6030

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To disguise your safe look like a wood cabinet, take Amsec safe cloak 6030 and attach it with magnets. It comes for sale in various colors to suit any design of the room the safe is in. The cloak will make your safe even more secure at a small price.


  • Instantly turns your safe into a wood cabinet
  • Comes in 5 sizes to fit a wide variety of safes
  • Easily attaches to safes with strong magnets and PVC board sewn into the top pocket
  • Thermal transfer 4 color wood cabinet printing is so good it will fool not only pedestrians but guests walking by the safe
  • Available in five different sizes for 6024, 6030, 6636, 7240 & 7250.
Additional Information
Brand American Security Amsec
Fire Rating No
Long Gun Capacity No
Use for No
Depth No
Height No
Width No
Weight $2.00


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