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Used Commercial Safes

Used Commercial Safes

Over the years we’ve acquired quite a few commercial safes. These commercial safes were picked up from  jewelry stores, retail stores, casinos, watch shops, night clubs, restaurants and more. So you can imagine how diverse the variety of these safes are. We’ve got anything from 200 lbs cash drop safes to 6000 lbs high security jewelry safes to 1″ thick floor safes. Most of these safes are either TL-15 or TL-30 Rated. They come in verity of different sizes and some even have up to 2 hour Fire-Rating. If you are looking for a high gloss beautiful safe to show off in your store or office, you are probably on the wrong page. Most of these safes are not exactly the eye-candy (although we do have some very clean and presentable commercial safes). Many business’s don’t really care how the safe looks, as long as it provides maximum security possible. And that they will do! Prices start from only $200 and up. Delivery available. Pricing depends on the weight of the safe and the final resting location.

Please call us for prices, delivery/installation quotes and availability.


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