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Browning Prestige Gun Safes

Browning Prestige Gun Safes

Browning Prestige Gun SafesBrowning Prestige gun safes are a great way to honor your firearms and valuables. Finely crafted and impeccably finished, a Prestige safe will protect your possessions from fire and theft with a steel body that is formed and continuously welded — not spot welded — for outstanding rigidity and flawless appearance. MAX Locking Bolts offer excellent security and the smooth rolling Gear Drive Locking System provides a vault-like feel. The versatile Axis Adjustable Interior with DPX Storage System and Scope Saver makes it faster and more convenient to access your most prized possessions.

Model H x W x D Weight Capacity Bolts Fire Rating
PRS-60 72″ x 56″ x 26″ 1535 lbs 59 14 1200°/100 Min.
PRS-47 72″ x 44″ x 26″ 1180 lbs 43 14 1200°/100 Min.
PRS-39 60″ x 44″ x 26″ 950 lbs 43 14 1200°/100 Min.
PRS-28 60″ x 31″ x 26″ 870 lbs 29 12 1200°/100 Min.
Available textures and colors.
Gloss Black Cherry
Gloss Black
Hunter Green Metallic
Charcoal Metallic
Titanium Metallic—-

Gloss Black / Charcoal Metallic Two-Tone
Black Cherry / Burgandy Two-Tone
Charcoal / Silver Metallic Two Tone

Textured Textured Charcoal
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