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Gun Safe Moving and Delivery

Gun Safe Moving and Delivery Las Vegas

The Safe Keeper offers professional safe moving and installation. Whether the safe is moving in the house, across town, or across the country our safe movers will get the job done safely, and correctly. Rates vary by size, weight, and difficulty so fill out a MOVE QUESTIONNAIRE for a quick quote, or give our friendly sales staff a call at 702-873-7233.


Meet the crew


IMG_6991Kirill Byelin

Kirill is our Delivery and Installation Supervisor. He is also in charge of all the promoting and advertising for The Safe Keeper. Kirill was taught the art of moving safes by his father – Don Trimmer (the owner) who has been installing safes for over 25 years. He moved thousands of safes in his 11 year’s of the experience working for The Safe Keeper and encountered hundreds of complicated, unusual and one of a kind installations. Kirill has a two year old son and a 6 moth old baby girl.

IMG_6984Matt Fife

Matt is the muscles and the brains of our delivery crew and also an excellent safe technician. For years he has been training with Kirill and Don. Matt is a very kind hearted person and always puts the needs of our customers first.  Matt is also our reliable truck driver who takes time to make sure that the safes arrive to their owners in one piece.

Vid Zubic
Vid is the newest addition to our family business.  Ambitious and eager to learn he has progressed quickly in mastering the art of installing safes. Working in Customer Service industry most of his adult life, he sets a high standard when it comes our customers satisfaction. Vid is engaged to be married and a father to a beautiful baby girl.

A company you can trust!

We at The Safe Keeper have been delivering, installing and moving safes since 1990. We’ve dealt with anything from 1000lbs safes going up spiral staircase to 8000lbs Commercial safes in malls to building bank vaults. In over 20 years we’ve moved, delivered and installed thousands and thousands of safes. Our experience and equipment surpasses any company not only in Las Vegas but in the whole state of Nevada. Upstairs, Downstairs, Commercial, Residential you name it, we do it all. And most importantly we are a Family Business, so you can be confident that no stranger off the street will know the location of your safe. Our delivery crew is clean cut, polite and most importantly well trained and professional. So don’t hurt yourself trying to move or deliver your safe, let us, insured and bonded professionals take care of you.

P.S. For your privacy we ONLY use unmarked box trucksdelivery trucks for website


Examples of Moves we have done

1870 Cannonball safe on wheels inside the house. Weigh 3,600 Lbs!

             Gun Safe Moving Delivery    Gun Safe Moving Delivery      Gun Safe Moving Delivery

 4,000 Lbs Commercial Safe inside the house in the office.

Gun Safe Moving Delivery Gun Safe Moving Delivery   Gun Safe Moving Delivery

Moving a 2000 Lbs safe out of a condo. 4 steps out the front door made this move interesting.

Gun Safe Moving Delivery  Gun Safe Moving Delivery   Gun Safe Moving Delivery

Installing a 2000 Lbs safe in a very tight space with fragile flooring.
Gun Safe Moving Delivery Gun Safe Moving Delivery Gun Safe Moving Delivery
Installing an 1800 lbs Vault Door. Yes we do that too! IMG_2896
Installing a small commercial safe upstairs on fragile tile staircase. Protecting everything all the way. 20150525_114611             20150525_114805
Installing a 55″ Wide Safe in a Bedroom ClosetIMG_5094

Our Custom Built Reinforced Safe Trailer for Heavy Commercial Jobs


Taking 1800 lbs Custom Built Safe up 6 Steps and Into a Bedroom was an Experience of a Lifetime IMG_5124
Laying down a Browning Vault Door to get it into our store was an interesting experience.IMG_5921IMG_5922
Moving a 3000 lbs. Commercial safe through some very tight corners. Using $600 aircraft aluminum plates to protect the floor, and our secret weapon – Golf Balls 😉2016012295125909
Having fun moving a 1600lbs 62 ft² Browning Prestige on Stair Climber. 
Installing a 1300 lbs Fort Knox Vault Door.


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