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Fort Knox Maverick Gun Safes

Fort Knox Maverick Gun Safes

The Fort Knox Maverick Gun Safe has some of the most affordable protection on the market today. This safe offers 45 minutes of fire protection and meets the California Department of Justice standards for such a low price.

Lower Cost – Higher Quality

Fort Knox didn’t skip out on any materials to get such a low price. They fully reinforced the door, added more steel and a new folded door design to make it as secure as any other safe on the market. They redesigned the door, and added more steel while keeping the cost low. This is because of the quality and care they put into each safe they make. Many other companies that would increase the steel thickness would also price the safe much higher. Fort Knox has figured out with the Maverick Gun Safe. you can have more steel without increasing the price. This manufacturing method makes the safe one of the most affordable in the market.

 Quality Fire Protection

The Fort Knox Maverick gun safe has a 45 minute fire rating with an option to have the rating increased to 60 minutes for an extra cost. With the new door design, the fireproof material inside the door surrounds the safe like a jacket and making the Maverick Gun Safe a very versatile product for all your long guns, ammo and even paper documents. This type of fire protection works so well, Fort Knox has decided to use it on all the safes they make.

For the large gun collector this safe is perfect for you. It has a capacity of up to 48 guns with a collector configuration that comes standard on all Maverick series safes. If you are looking for less storage, check out our selection of Maverick series gun safes and closet gun safes. This safe is definitely worth considering when you look at all the features that make it one of the most secure safes for its value. Fort Knox uses top quality steel and materials combined with precise craftsmanship to create the Maverick. Having been in the safe manufacturing business for over 30 years Fort Knox takes pride in the innovative approach and top engineering when it comes to building safes at such an affordable price. Just take a look at all these features below.

Model H x W x D Weight Capacity Bolts Fire Rating
M-7241 72.5″ x 41” x 27” 925 lbs. 45 cu. ft. 11 1200°/100 Min.
M-6637 66.5″ x 37” x 27” 800 lbs. 36 cu. ft. 9 1200°/100 Min.
M-6031 60.5″ x 31” x 25” 625 lbs. 25 cu. ft. 9 1200°/100 Min.
M-6026 60.5″ x 31” x 25” 525 lbs. 16 cu. ft. 9 1200°/100 Min.

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