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Browning Sporter Gun Safes

Browning Sporter Gun Safes

Browning Sporter Gun SafesBrowning Sporter gun safes are our most affordable long gun safe series across all of our lines, offereing the essential levels of protection against fire and theft.

Sporters offer 45 minutes of fire protection at 1200 degrees Farenheit.  The 1″ thick formed door with three-sided locking bolts provides excellent protection from safe breeching attempts, and the DPX storage system on the back of the door allows your to store additional long guns and accessories.

Model H x W x D Weight Capacity Bolts Fire Rating
SP-40 58″ x 44″ x 27″ 760 lbs 56 8 1200°/45 Min.
SP-33 58″ x 36″ x 27″ 655 lbs 40 8 1200°/45 Min.
SP-23 58″ x 30″ x 23″ 515 lbs 25 8 1200°/45 Min.
SP-20 68″ x 30″ x 20″ 490 lbs 23 8 1200°/45 Min.
Available textures and colors.
Gloss Gloss Black
Textured Hammer Grey


  • 1200° F/45 min. fire protection
  • Thick 1″ formed door with threesided locking bolts
  • DPX Storage System on top half of door back


  • 12-gauge steel body
  • 1″ chromed locking bolts, three-sided door coverage
  • Fully reinforced integrated door frame
  • Tight tolerance door fit
  • 1″ formed door


  • Force Deflector™ Locking System
  • Hardened steel pin lock protection
  • UL® tool attack listed
  • UL Group II lock with five-year limited warranty


  • Deluxe three-spoke handle
  • Elevated floor makes removing guns easier
  • Scroll graphic on the door
  • DPX Storage System on top half of door back


  • 1200° F/45 min. fire protection
  • Two layers of 1⁄2″ fire-resistant insulation in the body and door
  • Palusol® expanding fire seal


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